Saving you money and connecting your city through intelligent networked lighting

Minimise energy to its lowest possible level with DECCA Light On Demand


The DECCA IOT Central Management System has been researched, developed and tested over a long period of time. Installed customer projects  have proven the reliability and efficacy of the system.

In simple terms, the DECCA system gives light when and where it is needed; no more and no less. This is achieved through light controllers attached to the underside of each luminaire.

The system gathers information on movement at every light point and communicates this information throughout all the other connected light points via a RF mesh network.

Each lantern in the connected network will raise and lower its light level in line with the flow and activity of the pedestrians and vehicles that are using that space at any given time; thus reducing energy consumption to its lowest possible level.

Data consumption is also minimised to its lowest possible level due to communication with the central user interface [computer /phone / tablet] being through one Gateway instead of through each luminaire.

connected lighting

DECCA IOT CMS Data Analytics

The collection of relevant, useful data by local authorities has always been a key tool for planning future investments and strategies, and to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents. The DECCA IOT system can facilitate the gathering of specific, targeted user and environmental data through dedicated sensors to enable more efficient planning of time and resource for the user.

Remotely gather and centrally access data in the following areas:

  • CO2 levels
  • Noise pollution / specific noise alerts
  • Traffic flow analysis
  • Parking management
  • Waste management