Connected Lighting Solutions is your trusted partner for IoT Light On Demand control systems for SMART City public lighting as well as private lighting installations. With exclusive representation in UK & Ireland for two carefully selected manufacturers, Connected Lighting can offer you bespoke controlled lighting solutions, designed to maximise energy savings and aesthetically enhance your environment.




DECCA is part of a Norwegian technology hub that develops specific innovations or technological improvements of existing solutions to either sell on to other manufacturers or to develop and market themselves. In this case, the technology was kept in house and developed, tested then fine tuned. Decca has long been involved with sensors having developed and supplied them to the shipping industry. Some elements of this technical know-how and in-house expertise were used to develop the sensor-based Light On Demand SMART City IoT solution, which has now been tried and tested successfully in Scandinavian projects. The system enables energy savings of >80% compared with normal energy consumption levels.


LITE A/S is a Danish manufacturer of street lighting, sports lighting and beautifully designed urban architectural lighting. It is a large supplier to municipalities and various sporting associations in Denmark and has offices in Norway & Sweden. The ethos of LITE is to match or exceed the design and performance of the longer-established European leaders in Urban Architectural lighting and sports lighting but at a more competitive price and with very strong environmental credentials and policies.

Click the following links to take you to the LITE CSR Impact Policy, Circular Economy Document and Exterior Architectural Catalogue