Connected Light On Demand

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Decca provides a flexible outdoor lighting management system for increased energy efficiency, comfort and safety.

Decca’s system is a complementary product to outdoor LED luminaires. It converts a standard LED luminaire into an intelligent device that can be monitored and controlled over the Internet.

The system enables the luminaires to be controlled both individually and at group level. The luminaires can be dimmed dynamically, according to a configurable time schedule, or by using a combination of both methods. With dynamic dimming enabled, the luminaires automatically will adjust the light output to compensate for traffic and weather conditions in real-time. Dynamic dimming is also commonly referred to as “Light on Demand” or “Activity based lighting”.

The complete system comprises 4 main components:

Wireless light control unit (LCU)

Creates a self-forming, self-healing wireless network, and controls the luminaire


Allows the LCU’s to be accessed remotely through an Internet connection (4G or Wifi)

Cloud Server

Monitors the system, transmits data between the Gateway and the GUI

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Provides a visual representation of the system operating status, and enables user inputs

Light Control Unit

The LCU is available in two series. While the compact and cost efficient Z40 series offers all the standard light management features, the Z80 series also supports advanced features such as dynamic dimming, energy metering and auto-commissioning.


           Z40                                        Z80

Key features

  • Twist-lock connection between LCU and luminaire (Zhaga book 18 standard)
  • Real-time remote monitoring status of the lamps.
  • Individual or group control of luminaires.
  • Excellent wireless performance, up to 2 km between connected devices.
  • Self-healing network: If one or more LCU’s are offline or removed, the remaining LCU’s will automatically bypass the offline LCU’s and establish new wireless connections.
  • Auto failure detection provides user notification with the GPS location of any faulty luminaires [option].
  • AES 128 bit encrypted wireless communication provides industrial grade cyber security.
  • Over the Air (OTA) upgrade allows future wireless updates and feature add-ons.
  • Distributed intelligence – each LCU will continue to operate the luminaire according to last used configuration, even if there is a problem with the wireless network or the internet connection.


The wireless network of LCU’s are connected to the Internet through the Decca IPv6 Gateway. Unless otherwise is specified, the gateway is connected to Google Cloud Platform. Each gateway can control up to 500 LCU’s.


Operational Input Voltage: 5Vdc/2.5A

(comes with a 110-230 VAC Power supply)

Operating Conditions

Operating temp: -10 C to 85 C

Relative humidity: 5% to 95%


Includes long range IPv6 Mesh at 868 MHz

Includes Wi-Fi module (no recurring data use fee)

Antenna: Onboard


4G connection module with external antenna


Ingress Protection (IP) class: IP65

Dimensions: 212 x 123 x 60 mm

Material: ABS

Decca Gateway

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Decca GUI is an application-based management software that allows monitoring and controlling the light infrastructure in real-time via a cloud server connection.

Key features

  • Monitor the operational state of each individual luminaire
  • Manage luminaires individually or as a group
  • Configure light settings: Set dimming schedule, fade rate etc.
  • Monitor fault reports and view system logs [option]
  • Visualize the energy savings [option]
  • Monitor and configure sensors [option]


  • Linux application optimized for Ubuntu v18.04.
  • requirements: 4 GB RAM, Intel i3 core.
  • Secure communication using 2048 bit encryption.