The Rhododendron Park, Brønderslev

Light that creates atmosphere

In association with Nyfors, LITE A/S have provided light for the Rhododendron Park in Brønderslev.

Brønderslev Municipality contacted Nyfors about sponsoring the lighting of the park and the lighting of the Buus stage, which is located in the park and has been reconstructed. Nyfors agreed to the sponsorship and immediately got in touch with LITE A/S to help with the lighting design, and the project was soon under way.

Wallwasher 60 RGBs were installed in the lower roof structure of the new stage, thereby giving the ceiling a lovely even light with the option of changing colour, depending on the type of event on the stage: for example, red light for Christmas. The lighting invests the stage with a modern, simple look, which harmonises beautifully with the rest of the classic park.

To illuminate the performers on the stage, Litepoint point spotlights were installed in the ceiling.

The trees in the park now look even more beautiful in the glow of Ground E Maxis, which illuminate the trees from below.

This innovative lighting from LITE A/S makes the park even more idyllic and inviting for visitors, creating a completely different experience when walking around.